What we do.

HF Capital is an alternative real estate investment manager that engages in direct lease back transactions of commercial properties to quality operators in the highly regulated cannabis industry. Our portfolio targets existing real estate assets and end users - eliminating speculative lease-up risk. We purchase zoning compliant property at Fair Market Value verified by market comparables and MAI appraisal; historically, with above average cap rates for the commercial real estate industry.

How we are different.

HF Capital is a partner of HerbFront, Inc., a recognized and respected cannabis technology company that engages in the verification of commercial properties for use by cannabis operators. HerbFront has provided industry best software related to zoning compliance for over three years. As such, HF Capital has both an existing relationship with industry operators and valuable underwriting insights as to the legality of their real estate assets. HerbFront’s on-staff urban planners have relationships with city planners in every market in every market they service, presently over 150 cities across the USA and Canada.

Next Steps.

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